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The Skinny:  Billabong’s Still Frothy (Frothy meaning amped, stoked or excited) Surf Festival is a contest to fire up and motivate the youth in California to get off of their computers & video games and go surfing….and once surfing never stop! It has always been and always will be a free surf competition for kids 17 & under. Every participant receives a free contest tee shirt, snacks, drinks and lunch. On top of this, free goodies are given out all day long via fun games or entertaining surf trivia questions. At the end of the day the finalists in the kids division will receive some amazing product from our gracious sponsors. Speaking of amazing….!  This year Allegiant Airlines is giving 2 round trip tickets to Hawaii during the Billabong pro to the winners of all the free division and 1 round trip ticket to the winner of the pro-am and winners of the tow at division!  There are also some last minute awards & prizes given out that involve one of the youth’s community involvement as well as surf skills. Every year the “all-around good kid(s)” scores a Channel Islands surf board rode by one of their top name professional! On top of these great things for the kids we also have local dentists donating product towards the competitor’s oral health.  Check out for more up to date info at facebook.com/StillFrothy

Tow At Air Challenge, Categories and Prizes for Event: Still Frothy has slowly grown into a contest that now involves an extremely exciting and spectator friendly division called Tow At Air Challenge and 1 day pro-am featuring some of the best surfers in California & the US. A “Tow At Air” is when a surfer is pulled at high speeds via personal water craft directly at waves. Once on the wave the surfer has more speed that possible naturally and performs amazing stunts. The Tow At Air Division occurs Saturday from 11am to 2pm and has $2,500 minimum purse + prizes. The winning team takes home $1,000 each from Banzai Bowls and Smith & Sons.  The Tow At Air Challenge is an invite only featuring some of the best aerial surfers on the west coast. Names like Timmy Curran, Nate Tyler, Albee Layer, Nick Rosza have and will be launching giant airs at the event. Many of the high flying surfers from the Tow At Air Challenge will be here on Sunday to show their skills in the Pro-am as well. The Pro-am has a $3,000 minimum purse and prizes as well.  Pro-am winner gets $1,500 thanks to Radiology Associates.  This year the winner of the juniors division will feel like a Pro themselves as they will be taking home $500 from Toyota of Santa Maria!  Toyota of Santa Maria also presents the Iron Man award for $500 to the most committed competitor.  On top of the money and swag kids will be taking home.  1st place in ALL free kids division gets two round trip tickets from California to Hawaii via Allegiant Air for a limited time period of December 2013!  We also have 1 round trip ticket from California to Hawaii via Allegiant Air for a limited time period of December 2013 to the winner of the pro-am and winners of the tow at divisions.  Also the winner of each free kids division and pro-am division will win a complete skateboard from Sector 9.  On top of the divisions noted we will also be doing a junior guard challenge featuring several local junior guard chapters pitted against each other.  The winning team takes home bragging rights, some goodies and a brand new Catch Surf soft top long board that they will be able to use in their program.  Mixed in on Saturday we will also be doing the Catch Surf Beater Surfboard Challenge.  Winner takes home a brand new Catch Surf Beater surf board.  BUT you too can win a trip to Hawaii even if you don’t surf in the contest.  All weekend long Allegiant Airlines will have a booth at the event, at which they will collect attendee email addresses for a chance to win airfare and three (3) or four (4) night Honolulu hotel accommodations for two (2) from California to Honolulu for the 2013 Billabong Pipeline finals, dates TBD!  We even have one more chance to get you to Hawaii!  You can go to Rockstar’s Facebook page and look up the Still Frothy Surf Festival there.  We’ll be giving away 2 more tickets to Hawaii (accommodations, car rental & meals are not supplied), 1 room for 2 nights at Sandcastle Inn in Pismo Beach the weekend of the Still Frothy Festival (Friday September 27th and Saturday September 28th) , year’s supply of Rockstar and TONS of other swag.  See the sweepstakes page for exact specifics.  Enter this sweepstakes one of two ways: Go to the Rockstar facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rockstar and click the SWEEPSTAKE link at the top right or go to http://rockstarenergy.com/company/sweeps.  There will be a direct link soon!

Video Competition:  Just when you thought it was done! Not only do we have all kinds of great stuff for the kids (for free), for the Tow At Invite Only Surfers (free) and the Pro-am division ($20 each) we are also doing a really fun and rewarding video completion. Take a peek at the video competition pdf and see if this is for you! The top 4 winner receive some great items (see pdf) but the winner receives 1 Dell Tablet , 1 Gopro Camera and 1 Da Kine Video/Camera backpack.

Non-Profit Fund Raiser Concert and Fund Raising:  And no we’re not done yet! If you come on down to Hoagies in downtown Pismo on the night of Friday September 27th at 6pm for a free concert featuring Timmy Curran.  We’ll be doing raffles there and at the contest with great items.  Proceeds from the raffles and sales of Firestone’s 805 that night and the night of September 28th at Hoagies will go to helping incur some of the contest costs and the majority goes to the following great programs and non-profits. The Oceano Junior Guards, Young & Brave Foundation,  Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors and Waves of Impact are some of the non-profits .  If for some reason you can’t make it down to the beach the day of the contest, please check out the live webcam feed HERE 

Hotel Accommodations:  Pismo is the land of hotels and tourists so the opportunity is rich.  But we are fortunate enough to proudly announce that Sandcastle Inn is one of the major sponsors of the contest this year.  They are literally a stone’s throw away from the beach, surf and contest site.  Not is their proximity unbeatable they are what I would state as nicest hotels Pismo has to offer!  We encourage all parties needed a hotel to contact them asap as this year surf festival is on a busy weekend in Pismo.  Make sure to tell them Still Frothy sent you and there may be a discount available to you.  There are actually a limited number of rooms offered at a discounted rate the weekend of the Still Frothy Festival, but again they are limited and will fill fast.  Check them out here: sandcastleinn.com

Artists:  Our area has been blessed with those who have amazing artistic ability (unfortunately I missed out on that big time).  Every year we are fortunate enough to have one of them donate their time, sweat and product to give us some amazing 1st place trophies for all the divisions.  This year we proudly present Drew Arnold, Jade Diver & artist.  You can check his work out at (oceansartjade.com/).  Here’s a rough pick of what trophies from Drew will look like this year. 

Last year our featured artist was Guy Guy Quezada.  He made some amazing leather and steel trophies.  Guy Guy is an avid and talented surfer as well as artist.  When he’s not working hard around the country you will find him surfing hard locally.  Guy Guy is born and raised in San Luis County and is still fortunate enough to call it his home.  You can check his work at guyqgoods.com Here’s what he did for the contest last year.

Another artist that has helped in the last few years is Aaron Loyd.  Aaron’s photos have graced our poster/tees for 2 years now.  Aaron was EXTREMELY instrumental in my short surf career.  He is one of the most talented surf photographers ever.  He has had photos on the cover of multiple of surf magazines.  Back when a guy had to some how dodge waves and focus a camera (no auto focus back then kids) Aaron was able to get pictures of surfing that were and still are seen as the best in the game.  Please check out Aaron’s art at aaronloyd.com

Lastly but no way in least is Eric Soderquist.  Eric is a free spirit who seems to beat to who his own drum wandering the world surfing, painting and relaxing.  We should all be so lucky.  He has been part of this contest when it was only a dream back in the 80’s and he took home a wallet for winning his division way back then.  How times have progressed.  Give his art a look.  It will make you want to go surf or take a trip to some where with epic waves!  His website is ericsoderquist.com