• Still Frothy 2016

Hot Hot Hot” by The Cure should have been playing start to finish this past weekend as not only was the weather at Pismo a balmy 90+ degrees but the wind, waves and surfing skill were just that! Saturday morning saw the pulsing south swell sending rocketing lefts off the north side of the pier for the first junior and boys heats of the day as they tore them apart. By the time the tow at team challenge hit the water the beach & pier were jam packed with spectators, competitors and families here to watch their kids surf as well as these guys punt. And the top teams of Nate Tyler & Izaiah Hansen and Kilian Garland & Wilem Banks were blowing those crowds minds with massive airs. Noah Wegrich may have had the best overall performance but his team couldn’t pull the win. The non-profit saw groms getting to surf side by side with some of their favorite pro surfers and get a shot at winning a Catchsurf Beater board. Nate Tyler again amazed all by somehow doing an air on a Beater! But in the end it was Matt McCabe and his team of local legend Steve Denham with groms Ottis Kelly & Jak Zietz taking the win and earning $1,500 for the non-profit The Young & Brave.

Finals day on Sunday produced even more stellar conditions than Sunday if anyone would have thought that possible. The pro-am division was on fire and setting the bar for the groms. Actually lots of groms from both the boys & juniors division surfed in the pro-am and knocked out a lot of heavy hitters! In the afternoon as the glare intensified and the sun was on it’s way down the surfing was only flaring up. The groms, girls, boys, juniors and pro-am finals were all amazing and could only be topped by one of the most amazing sunsets in a long time.

Scooter Newell of Purps: “This was the best event I have ever been involved with. It literally changed my life. Tell Kelly [Slater] to send me every year.”

Photos by Jonathan Reis & Ben Schutzer



1. Austin Neumann - $3,000

2. Kellen Ellison - $1,500

3. Noah Wegrich - $500

4. Dennis Rizzo - $250

Tow-At Air Show

1. Nate Tyler & Izaiah Hansen - $2,000 ($1,000 each)

2. Kilian Garland & Willem Banks - $500 ($250 each)

Best Individual Performance – Noah Wegrich (Scosche audio package)

Jr. Final

1. Josiah Amico - $1,000

2. Curran Dand - $325

3. Sean Woods

4. Sam Riechel

5. Sean Carrol

6. Myles Freeh replaced Mickey Clark (Note: Mickey had to drive back down south to finish his other contest he was in this weekend, so missed the final.)


1. Pitas Higgens - $300

2. Marley Sapp

3. Curtis Jacobs

4. Jonah Shannon

5. Sam Moore

6. Nick Worrell

Groms (10 & Under)

1. Jak Ziets - $100

2. Caleb Faoro

3. Luna Loyd

4. Sully Woodward

5. Bill Straley

6. Seth Scrogins

Girls (11-17)

1. Makena Burke - $100

2. Stella Mahan

3. Abby Neumann

4. Riley Cabanero

5. Sydney Beckett

6. Sophie Simon

Non-Profit Team Challenge

Team Young & Brave ($1,500) – Matt McCabe, Steve Denham, Jak Zietz, and Ottis Kelly.

Both Jak and Ottis both also received a Catch Surf Beater.

$300 each to Feline Network of the Central Coast, Team Mateo, Waves of Impact, Amp Surf and Soul Profit

In addition to the contest winnings, Still Frothy doled out the following frothyness:

  • 1.$4,000 from the Still Frothy college scholarship funds to Eric Knowles, Jonah Pierce, Joel Bishop, Theodore Fletcher, Jonathan Williams, Taylor Freeh and Tyler Hopp
  • 2.$500 from the Still Frothy Surf Competition aid to Riley Cabanero for travel costs for the Arroyo Grande High Surf Team
  • 3.Channel Islands surfboards for the following frothers in the name of late local legend, Robbie Artiaga: Joel Bishop, J Knowles and Seth Scrogins
  • 4.Billabong wetsuits for the following frothers in the name of late local legend, Robbie Artiaga: Matt Wahl and Nick Worrell
  • 5.$500 each to Sean Woods & Mickey Clark for the Frothiest Human(s)
  • 6.$350 to both the Oceano Junior Guards & Pismo Beach Junior Guards for a JG scholarship.