• Summer Surf Party. Laguna Beach Edition

Summer Surf Party. Laguna Beach Edition

Nothing beats a Summer soiree…

To set the scene, imagine being nestled in the heart of Laguna Beach in our own private bungalow, steps away from the sand, the smell of salt, the sound of waves, rambling convos with your closet friends, macramé florals, sea salt spray and braids, blue sky vibes and plenty of photo-opt worthy backdrops, sweet sounding acoustic sessions, and twinkling lights to take you into the dark night. This is our #BILLABONGbungalow

To kick off summer right we invited our closet friends to our Summer Surf Party along with all the essentials needed to keep all our guests fully entertained all night long – good food, the most magical setup dreamt up by POW WOW Design Studio, beachy braids and salty locks thanks to John Frieda and team, special shout out to Caile Noble (master of all things hair and beauty), a little beauty bar action with PÜR cosmetics, the flower masters at Bloom Babes making macramé crowns for all the girls, ice cold cocktails with Corkcicle Tumblers, and sweet sounds by our girl Victoria Bailey. Truly a tough night to beat. Thank you to everyone who came out!