• #SummerGivesOn: Bri+Bri

#SummerGivesOn: Bri+Bri

#SummerGivesOn: Bri + Bri

The Holidays were a whirlwind for us! From New Wave, to gift giving with #giveBILLABONG, to heading to Hawaii to celebrate all thing surf and the Pipe Masters. But let's not forget all the fun we had. Spring is about seeing the new and reminiscing on the old and boy, do we have a lot to reminisce. In December we were able to kick off for the first year our #SummerGivesOn contest! With over 400 applicants wanting to win a trip with their best friend to HAWAII with out BILLABONG CREW we had a lot of entries to narrow down. After a two round application we landing on our winners...


They are the ultimate best friend duo having known each other from the baby days! These girls who are from the Outer banks, North Carolina were overjoyed to find out they could be ditching their snow gear for a bikini and put their wetsuits away and surf crystal blue waves with us in Waikiki! We loved having them join in the Hawaii heat with us and they made the contest that much more worth wild! Bri + Bri, we loved having you both and can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you both! Here is a little bit about them and some photos from a trip of a lifetime where SUMMER LIVED ON!

~Also this talented bestie duo are passionate and talented at shooting film and posted some amazing photos to Brianna's blog!

Click here to check it out!

We did a little Q + S

Billabong: How long have you been friends?

We have literally been friends as long as we can remember. We joke that we’ve been friends since diapers, but it’s true! Our families are really close.

Billabong: When you found out you were a finalist what were your thoughts?

Bri D.: Seeing a DM from Billabong Women’s pop up on my Instagram was a crazy feeling! I was so excited, and being picked out of thousands of girls as one of the 15 finalists is insane. I felt so lucky and humbled all at the same time.

Billabong: Feelings on sending in your video?

Bri D: Oh man, we must have spent countless hours editing our video and the morning we sent it in we were slightly freaking out! Haha. I made Brianne hit the send button because I was way too nervous.

Bri V: I was just stoked. I was along for the ride and so excited!

Billabong: We talked to you, but fill us in on finding out you won!

Bri D: So I get a call from a California number (and since we live in NC) I just had a weird feeling that maybe I should pick it up. I answered the phone and it was Megan Haynes… she said she had some sad news and I was already prepared to find out that we had lost the #SummerGivesOn contest, but then she had a long pause. She said, “You’re going to HAVE to pack your bags and come with us to Hawaii!” and I was ecstatic! I immediately called Bri on Facetime to tell her but our connection was so bad we could barely hear each other! Through delayed Facetime, some tears were definitely shed and we were both so happy!

Bri V: So Brianna Facetimed me when I had really bad reception. The video kept going in and out, and I must have called her about 10 times while jumping up and down with excitement!

Billabong: Who did you tell first?

Bri : I immediately sent out a bulk text to my whole family! (We love it, everyone needed to know!)

Bri V: My dad was the very first!

Billabong: Had you been to Hawaii?

Bri D: My family used to have a vacation home on the North Shore before the economy crashed, but I haven’t been back in about nine or ten years. I had missed it so much!

Bri V: I spent two winters in Hawaii, but never for a vacation like this!

Billabong: Favorite thing you did?

Bri D.: Surfing in Waikiki with the whole Billabong Women’s team was a dream!

Bri V: Our epic helicopter ride over all of Oahu.

Billabong: How was the New Wave Event?

Bri D: It was such a blast… we danced our faces off! Haha. The whole Billabong team paddled out together, and in our New Wave Collection bikinis and gear, we shared party waves and got to play with the catamaran offshore!

Bri V: So much fun! We surfed all day and danced all night to 80s music!

Billabong: What Activities did you do while you were there?

BOTH: We surfed, went on an amazing helicopter ride, got to see the Pipe Masters Trials, attended the New Wave launch party, got to see Iggy Pop play at the Billabong house, were featured in Laura Enever’s first episode of “Whatever with Enever”, made so many new friends, drove all around the island, soaked up the sun and ate the freshest food!

Billabong: What was your favorite new Billabong product you were rocking, New wave or classic Spring styles?

Bri D.: The New Wave white “Reissue One Piece” was my fav! I’m definitely a huge fan of cheeky one pieces, and I loved the low back and high cut legs; it was definitely a throw-back style and I was obsessed with it!

Bri V: Classic spring styles: “Sittin Pretty Romper” and the “Last Tribe Reversible Bikini Set”

Billabong: Favorite thing you ate?

POKE! Acai was a close second though!

Billabong: Best moment with the Billabong athletes?

Bri V: Dancing with the team at the New Wave party after surfing all day with the girls in Waikiki.

Billabong: Who was your favorite to meet?

Bri D. : Felicity was actually the first one to come up and talk to us, and she had such a fun personality! But all the Billabong girls were so nice and fun to be around!

Bri V: It was great talking with all of the girls, especially Courtney and Felicity. I had an awesome conversation with Felicity that inspired me to keep chasing big waves.

Billabong: What was the highlight overall of the trip?

BOTH: Such a hard question! We packed in so much in such a short amount of time. We would wake up every morning with the sun, and didn’t go to bed until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore. Hawaii was so beautiful and relaxing. The helicopter ride was for sure all-time; but the whole trip will be remembered as the trip of a lifetime.

~Scroll through to see some of those Highlights~