• Surfer‚Äö?Ñ?¥s the Movie: Then and Now Tour

Surfer’s the Movie: Then and Now Tour

Billabong recently presented several film premieres on the East Coast showcasing Surfer’s the Movie: Then and Now. The diversity of the film attracted surfers of all types. From old school longboarders to the ripping surf stoked groms of the next generation, the film has something to offer for everyone. It’s great to see some of the local legends captivated by Kelly Slater’s unreal surfing at the this years Billabong Pro at J-Bay and also see the groms focused on old priceless footage of hero Mickey Dora.

    At K-Coast surf shop, in Ocean City, Maryland, the boys showed the film off the side of the Billabong bus using their mobile theatre system. The hoopla put a stop to traffic on the main drag and probably caused a city noise ordinance, but that’s the price when you fire it up!

In Virginia Beach, Billabong teamed up with Surfer’s Healing who hosted a great Hawaiian luau at Waterman’s. Several big names came out in support of the cause including lead singer of Common Sense Nick Hernandez, WCT veteran Cory Lopez, and Hawaiian charger Jason Magallenes. Complete with hula dancers and BBQ, the Luau gave the premier a classic feel and set the tone for the whole night. The fresh “Orange Crushes” from Waterman’s definitely kept the thirsty people “quenched.”

    Billabong teamed up with humble hero Tony Butler of Sweetwater surf shop in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to blow the doors off Red Dog’s down at the loop. Big thanks to Tower 7 for catering the whole event. The fresh tacos were insane!... The event raised money towards the Tower 7 scholarship fund and also supported the girls in town for Billabong’s East Coast Wahine Championships.

    Way up in the point break haven of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, Cinnamon Rainbow hosted their annual Midnight Madness party and sale and the Billabong Bus and crew were there to partake in the festivities. The line just to get tickets to the event stretched down the street but everyone who came for tickets got in. Billabong hosted a drive in night for all the folks waiting to get in the shop. Cropper and crew worked deep into the night to satisfy every customer. Over 500 people attended the event making it a huge success. Big thanks to

The tour was headed down to Florida to cap off the tour when the first of several hurricanes decided to crash the party early. Central Florida saw almost 30 inches of rain in about 2 days causing substantial flooding. Locals without trucks were seen kayaking thru the streets.
Billabong has rescheduled the premieres to the end of September. The show in  Ft. Lauderdale will be held September 26th at Cinema Paradiso followed by a show in Satellite Beach on September 27th at DaKine Diego’s.