• Everything You Need to Know for the Billabong Pro Tahiti

The Billabong Pro Tahiti is one of the most exciting stops of the year for the CT and if you're anything like us, you're psyching right now. We've gathered up all of the information you'll need to stay on top of what's happening in Tahiti and where and when you can watch the contest live. Check back often for updates and be sure to follow us on our social channels for behind the scenes access to athletes, Teahupo'o and all things Tahiti.

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Where to Watch: http://www.worldsurfleague.com/events/2016/mct/1484/billabong-pro-tahiti/live

Current Event Status: Event is COMPLETE

Winner of the 2016 Billabong Pro Tahiti: Kelly Slater

Winner of the A.I. Commitment Award: Kelly Slater

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