• The Billabong Team Starts the 2017 Pipe Pro

The Billabong Team Starts the 2017 Pipe Pro

The waiting period for the prestigious Pipe Pro opens today and you know that any time there's a big event, our boys are going to have something to say about it. We've got a talented crop of Billabong Bloodlines alumni and up and coming riders looking to make a name for themselves in the 112 man field. The forecast is looking good for the early days of the event and we think our boys are well-positioned to go toe to toe with big names like John John Florence and Kelly Slater in pursuit of the $75,000 prize. Here are some of the familiar faces you can expect to see once the event is on.

1. Griffin Colapinto

Griffin had a successful 2016 on the QS where he took a couple of wins on his way to a better-than-respectable 32nd place finish. He had a good start to his season on the North Shore with a 9th place finish in the Hawaiian Pro and has surfed well at Pipe before. Griffin is definitely one to watch this event.

2. Victor Bernardo

There is precedent to expect that the young Brazilian is going to make a lot of noise in this event after his finals appearance in the 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters Invitationals before eventually falling to fellow Billabong rider Finn McGill.

3. Josh Moniz

The Hawaiian local is one of the familiar faces out at Pipe and has spent his whole life preparing for heats at this break. It's paid off before - he also made it to the final heat of the 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters Invitationals - and we wouldn't be surprised if he had a massive event again.

4. Finn McGill

All eyes will be on the 16 year old as he attempts to back up his win in the 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters Invitationals and subsequent appearance in the main event with another good showing at a Pipe event. After the winter he's had, he's brimming with confidence and a serious contender .

5. Jack Robinson

If Pipe is barreling, Jack Robinson instantly becomes one of the favorites for the event. Robo is one of the best barrel riders on the planet and if the forecast works out for him, we'd expect a huge event from him.

6. Josh Burke

The talented 19 year old from Barbados is going to be one of the fresh faces at Pipe and is poised to surprise some of his competitors. After some massive junior wins in his career, Josh knows what it takes to make a heat and might just knock off one of the bigger names.

Watch the Billabong team take on the Pipe Pro here. The event window is open from January 29 to February 10.