• The Graphic Guide: Our Five Favorite Graphic Tees of Fall

Our tee shirts, in addition to being super comfortable, feature some of the steeziest graphics in the business. We asked Art Director Dan Rhoades for the story behind his five favorite graphics from our Fall 2016 tee collection.

1. Billy Pocket Tee

"Billy is our zombie surfer character who makes an appearance every season. This is my favorite version to date, captured in a classic, iconic bottom turn inspired by our own Donavon Frankenreiter."

Billabong Billy Pocket Tee Shirt

2. Reversed Tee

"This shirt features a faux push-through print, mirrored from front to back- sick concept with a subtle yet distinct print execution."

Billabong Men's Reversed Tee Shirt

3. Seventy 3 Tee

"I always dig the Re-Issue Collection graphics and this is one of my favs. I'm stoked on the retro 80’s vibe."

Billabong Men's Seventy 3 Tee Shirt

4. Emblem SurfPlus Pocket Tee

"Our SurfPlus Collection pocket tees are amazing, featuring rugged, over-dyed fabric. The classic SurfPlus graphic only on the pocket is a nice touch on this style."

Billabong Men's SurfPlus Collection Emblem Pocket Tee

5. Interference Garage Long Sleeve Tee

"This one is from the Billabong Garage Collection and the random, yet subtle prints make for an epic long sleeve that’s forward and edgy yet wearable."

Billabong Men's Garage Collection Interference Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

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