• The Spell of the Sensuous with Lauren Hill

The Spell of the Sensuous with Lauren Hill

The dawn of a new year comes with 8,760 hours to delve deeper into our gifts, hopes, and dreams. A fresh number on the calendar is a poignant reminder to reprioritize and reflect on what we’re doing with this one life on the magnificent watery planet Earth.

To kick off a new year, my friend Courtney Webb and I headed to the beach at sunrise for a full body training session immersed in the elements: the growing fiery warmth of the rising sun, the grit of the sandy earth, a light summer breeze, and a thriving, aqua ocean to cool off in. With bare feet and bare skin, of course.

There’s a deep connection between feeling strong and healthy in our bodies, and the natural unfurling of those feelings to our minds and emotions. Some mystic biological magic happens when we’re really living in our bodies, using our senses and muscles and creativity out in the wild world that we’ve evolved to explore and play in.

An untaming is ignited. We’re able to feel deeply embodied. And powerful. And that’s a great launch pad from which to make anything happen.

Captions with Courtney Webb, of Humanus Habilitation



Photos by Kate Nutt