• The Ultimate Tropical Vacation Packing List

The Ultimate Tropical Vacation Packing List

Every year around this time we tend to get a major case of itchy feet. Each summer, without fail, we get this extreme desire to travel and our feet won’t stop fidgeting until they feel the touch of foreign land. Our spirits yearn for adventure and the season’s warm weather beckons us to swim in faraway oceans and bask under the tropical sun. But before we’re able to fly away to a dreamy tropical vacation, we need to figure out what the heck we’ll be packing.

See, this is where things can go awry. We don’t know about you, but we either find ourselves packing our entire closet, ready for absolutely anything, anywhere, or we forget to pack an entire category like shirts or shoes. Either way, we spend a lot of time blankly staring into our closets waiting for answers to fall from the sky. For many years we struggled with packing, but (thank goodness) one tip helped us overcome our case of packing problems… Before each trip, we create a packing list. Though this “hot tip” might not be the coolest thing on earth and we know it’s definitely not brain surgery, it will help alleviate stress, cut down on time, and ensure your essentials are packed and ready to go. Are you going on a tropical getaway this summer? First off, ahem, jealous! Secondly, let us help you pack! Check out our ultimate vacation packing list for the tropics.

For a day at the beach: Wear your cutest bikini or one piece for a day under the sun. Pack layers like cotton shorts, breezy tops, and a straw visor for the ultimate head to toe look. Color Spell Triangle Bikini seen above.

For a night out: A casual, feminine romper always feels so right for a night out on vacation. We love the Field Play Romper, paired with a sun kissed tan, for this kind of situation.

For a day of shopping: Cute, effortless, and functional is the way to go for a day of shopping.

This is where or Heart N Soul straw bag with pom noms or our To The Limit knotted yarn bag come in. Plus you can head straight to the beach post-shopping.

For a walk on the beach: A cover up, like the Beach Me Button Down Top, over a swimsuit is the perfect get-up for a calm morning meandering on the beach.

For a travel day: Comfort is key. You’ll be moving and shaking so be sure to dress comfortably, especially when it comes to footwear. We suggest the Legacy Sandal for extra molded comfort or for styled option, we're all about the Tied Up sandal with its bow detail!

For a morning surf: Easy does it here. Just the bare essentials are needed. Our essential is always a comfortable bikini. This is #aBikiniKindaLife