• Travel Stories: Bomba Shack + Shell Museum

Travel Stories: Bomba Shack + Shell Museum

There’s something that feels temporary about life on an island, almost as if the ocean is just waiting to tuck each little floating paradise back under its waves. Salty air peels the paint from colorful villas, sand wears down the hardest stone paths—but what gets borrowed from the locals during surges and storms, they cobble back together. Tiptoeing the line between sugary white sand and crystalline water near Little Carrot Bay in the British Virgin Islands, we stumble upon the North Sore Shell Museum, a strange and wonderful world of sun-bleached shells and trinkets, where the breeze catches between handmade wind chimes and mixes with the smell of fresh cracked conch and sweet lobster. The sound of Caribbean music catches our ears and we follow it to Bomba’s Surfside Shack, a ramshackle beach bar patched together with hand-painted signs, sheets of tin and whatever else has washed up among the driftwood. We’ll lean our boards on its walls and laugh with the locals, dance barefoot in the sand under the spell of moon light and another round of rum punch. Like this island or a perfect wave, this moment is temporary, but that’s all the more reason to love it while it lasts. This summer, we invite you check out of reality, find your bikini, and join us in our island-time state of mind.