• Wander with us to Taos, New Mexico

Wander with us to Taos, New Mexico

Four things you didn't know about Taos, New Mexico.. and why it needs to be on your radar for your next exploration or getaway.

1. It’s called the Enchanted circle for a reason- the town, businesses and people are very special. The town is heavily influenced by Native American culture and art, which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of Taos.

2. Earthship World Headquarters. We were all amazed with the Earthship…SEE why here.

3. Environmentally stunning- From the pueblos and Native American architecture, to the cozy goji farm tucked away in the desert, the breathtaking view of the Gorge, to the snow covered mountains, Taos was like no town we’ve seen before.

4. The resorts are stunning, who knew such a small town had such amazing hotels, like the El Monte Sagrado, to accommodate a "getaway" (photoshoot).