3MM Furnace Pro Boot

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Want to get off of the beaten path, away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle? Skeleton Bay is one of the most remote surf destination you can go to. It produces some of the longest, deepest left-hand tubes on the planet, as well as perhaps one of the longest rides. The water is chilly and loaded with sea lions, and the wave is a board breaker, but definitely worth the price of admission. So you’d better come armed with serious protection that the 3MM Furnace Pro Boot can provide. With its furnace internal quick dry thermal lining and minimal seams to provide maximum flexibility, there's no doubt you'll conquer the waves.

  • 3MM Boot.
  • Furnace Internal Quick Dry Thermal Lining.
  • Minimal Seams.
  • Maximum Flexibility.
  • Zipperless Entry System.

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