3/2 Foil Plus Chest Zip Full Suit

$119.97 $199.95

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Equipped with increased spec and functionality like a high-end suit for the cold waters, this suit is perfect for entry level surfers.

  • Zip entry system.
  • 100% external liquid welded seams.
  • Stitched construction.
  • AX2 Superflex neoprene.
  • New poly propylene panels.
  • Foil Plus Temp Guide: Cold 16-19 C / 61-66 F.

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Customer Reviews

  • 3/2 Foil Plus Chest Zip Full Suit

    Great suit for $200. It's very warm and doesn't leak much. The fibers feel nice and warm on the chest and back panel. The exterior liquid weld tape seems to keep the water out really well. The only complaint is the chest zip. I would like if they made the zipper from the closed position zipping to the outside. The zipper is open on both sides so you have to feed the zipper In every time and it doesn't always line up perfect. The suit is a little hard to get into but I think that's part of the reason why it's so warm. For the price I was very impressed it was above my expectations for warmth especially for a 3/2 Three or four years ago the suits in the $400+ range that were not as good as the suit. For $200 I definitely recommend it.