4/3 Foil Plus Chest Zip Fullsuit

$125.97 $209.95

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Equipped with increased spec and functionality like a high-end suit for the cold waters, this suit is perfect for entry level surfers in cold temperatures 50 - 62 degrees farenheit.

  • Zip entry system.
  • 100% external liquid welded seams.
  • Stitched construction.
  • Material: AX2 Superflex neoprene.
  • New poly propylene panels.
  • Pattern: solid.
  • 4/3 Foil Plus Temp Guide: Cold 10-17 C / 50-62 F.

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Customer Reviews

  • 4/3 Foil Plus Chest Zip Fullsuit

    The Chest Zip is a bit hard to get out of (but mostly because I have large shoulders) With a good bit of wiggling and practice I can just manage to get out without help. I like the suit though. It keeps me plenty warm and is well made. Hopefully it will last me a long time. Thank you Billabong for making an affordable quality wetsuit.