Foil 2MM Short Sleeve Jacket

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Todos Santos has become a training ground for the aspiring Southern California big wave surfer. Located 9 miles off of the city of Ensenada, it’s a spooky wave that comes out of deep Pacific waters and boils over a rock filled coastline. Size matters here, as does strength and flexibility. Good thing for you the Foil 2MM Short Sleeve Jacket has plenty of both.

As part of our world renowned Foil series, this 2MM short sleeve jacket offers progressive performance at an entry level price. In other words, you can expect high quality paired with high value. Made from premium Ax2 superflex neoprene for superior stretch, plus flatlock seams and a smooth mesh chest for non-stop comfort. Best used in water temps of 72 – 77 F.

  • Foil 2MM Short Sleeve Jacket
  • Premium AX2 superflex material
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Smooth mesh chest
  • YKK zipper at back provides an easy entry
  • Contour collar
  • 72 – 77 F

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  • Foil 2MM Short Sleeve Jacket

    I like everything about this jacket. I just wish they would make it in a tall man size. Tends to creep up the stomach.