Foil Light 1.5MM Long Sleeve Jacket

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With its thick barrels, Supertubos is Portugal’s most premiere beach break. It picks up swell from three major directions and offers year round waves. It’s very tide sensitive, and its wave type can change daily. Some days it offers launchable ramps, with the next day sees deep pits. And with its warmish waters, you’re going to need a jacket with premium stretch and flex. Say hello to the Foil Light 1.5mm long sleeve.

As part of our world renowned Foil series, this 1.5mm long sleeve jacket offers progressive performance at an entry level price. In other words, you can expect high quality paired with high value. Made from premium Ax2 superflex neoprene for superior stretch, plus flatlock seams and a smooth mesh chest for non-stop comfort. Best used in water temps of 72 – 77 F.

  • Foil Light 1.5MM long sleeve jacket
  • Premium 1MM AX2 superflex neoprene at chest
  • Premium .5MM AX2 superflex neoprene at panels
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Smooth mesh chest
  • YKK zipper at back provides an easy entry
  • Contour collar
  • 72 – 77 F
  • Imported

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