2mm Revolution Tri Bong Long Sleeve Chest Zip Springsuit

$144.95 $144.95

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The REVOLUTION series is a line of wetsuits that are built with a combination of flexibility, quality, and comfort in mind. Constructed with our GBS technology that allows for a triple glued and blind stitched seam, and made with our Heritage stretch neoprene this suit allows for a fluid feeling on the body and allows you to take every turn and paddle with ease, allowing for all range of movement to not be withheld.

  • 2mm.
  • Long Sleeve.
  • Springsuit.
  • Chest Zip Closure.
  • New Heritage Stretch and Premium Soft Neoprene.
  • Construction: GBS Glued and Blind Stitched Seams.
  • Overview: Evolution Entry System.
  • Materials: 100% Neoprene.

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