• day-job: how we do denim in the office

day-job: how we do denim in the office

Denim for days….both getting us to and from the office.

While we love our weekend style, our day jobs happen to be equally packed full with denim style. This is a taste of how we do denim inside the Billabong Womens office. Meet Cyndal, Megan, Kat, Jenna and Paige!

Meet Cyndal

Your position at Billabong Womens? Marketing Coordinator

Your denim choice? The ‘Over ’N Out’ black short overalls. I just always have and always will love overalls. I chose these because they’re adorable! Not to mention super comfortable :)

How would you describe your office style? I would say it depends on the weather and the day… anywhere from basic street style to 'I may or may not be headed to the gym', or maybe a dress and hat. My style really is all over the place!

Where would you wear this look….outside of the office? I’d wear this on a hot, sunny, summer day in Florida.

Dark or light wash denim? For me personally, always on the dark side (no pun intended ;) )

What’s the average day look like for a Marketing Coordinator? My position supports both men’s and women’s marketing which I love because it gives me the chance to connect with both sides and wear a lot of different hats. Each day looks different for me. From foundational marketing such as budgets or executive assistance, to athlete support, or photoshoots at the beach. You may even find me in the depths of our warehouse pulling product or cleaning something. I never know what the day has in store! I love the diversity and how much I continue to learn day to day.

Where do you find inspiration? Honestly, if you are paying attention you will find inspiration all around you. C.S. Lewis is one of my life inspirations. I love all of his books! He’s a genius.I always enjoy self improvement type of books. I am usually reading a couple books at a time… Currently one I am (re)reading is called ‘Crazy Love’ by Francis Chan.

My parents have always been great work inspirations in my life. They work hard and play hard and taught us the value of good work ethic which I am forever grateful for.

Another inspiration- I love interior design… I go nuts over beautiful & well done interiors! I also love and find a lot of inspiration in cool cook books!

As far as style- I love fashion magazines and blogs.. heck, I still love Pinterest too! I don’t always go for the trendiest looks.. I’ve always been more of an “If I like it, I’ll wear it” kind of girl. xx

What’s sitting in your Billabong Womens shopping cart right now? A lot of things! I love our Summer18 collection.

Any Summer beauty secrets? Saltwater, Sunscreen, Maui Babe and coconut EVERYTHING.. including margaritas ;)

But, I do let up on that coconut oil… it can dry your skin out! Keep your skin hydrated and read ingredients in your products! Xo

Summer travel checklist? A few of my current Summer travel bucket list items are wanting to go to Indonesia, Tulum, and an epic fishing trip in Mexico.

Meet Megan

Your position at Billabong Womens? Digital + Social Coordinator for @Billabongwomens… social gal, and Hey! give it a follow will yeah!

Your denim choice? I chose the ‘ Black Magic Denim Skirt’ in the new ‘Sunburnt’ color! I love that I can get that girly skirt vibe, but have it collide with a sun kissed moody pink tone and a rough around the edges feel with it being denim!

How would you describe your office style? One day I was described as ‘Raggamuffin’… and I love that! I grew up close to the beach and appreciate a laid-back-girly-meets surf and skate gal-with a little salt in your hair style. You know what I’m getting at?! We have an amazing work atmosphere that allows for comfortability + style to shine through! You can normally find me in denim & a neutral basic with some converse or vans with my hair in a top knot! I also love throwing in a pop or color or a good print or polka dot here and there too! It’s nice to be able to change it up and dress up or keep it casual!

Where would you wear this look…. outside of the office? I would wear tied up tee with the Black Magic denim either here at work, at happy hour with friends, or at a music show at night with my leather jacket added in! Love tossing on my Doc Martins for a dressed up, but still a bit edgy feel.

Dark or light wash denim? Currently Light! Love me some washed out vintage feel denim, whether it is a true blue or sunburnt pink!

What’s the average day look like for a digital and social media coordinator? All days look different in my little world, but each day does come with posting on social accounts, going through amazing content from our creative team planning for future campaigns and daydreaming of how they will come to life on our social platforms! Oh, and yes, caption and copy brainstorming… always!

Where do you find inspiration? I am on Instagram + Pinterest always not only with work but for inspiration both in my home or wardrobe! Here are some accounts that I am always showing some extra love (and likes) too:









Aside through from scrolling though dreamy places and exciting accounts, I am most inspired by slowing down and ‘looking up’. Being outside or surfing inspires and reminds me of the vast world we live in and to always be seeking to learn and create more. Also spending time with family + friends and remembering that those convos and compliments face to face, far exceed a follow, comment or like and will also spark creativity and plans for adventure! I know that most of these rad accounts I find inspo from do the same too!

What’s sitting in your Billabong Women’s shopping cart right now? Right now, I have the ‘ Sweet Dawn Tank’ in Black Multi, the ‘For Shore Crop Tee’ for some summery tops to brighten up the closet a bit! I also have the ‘Floral Dawn Tank Bikini Top + Floral Dawn Isla Bottoms’, it’s the perfect set for good tans lines and are surf friendly which is a musttt! So ready for some summer slides in that one!

Any Summer beauty secrets? I love using lotion from ‘Kai Organics’ and sunscreen from ‘Coola’ to hydrate and protect my skin! I love spending days under the suns rays but always want to be sure to be kinds to my skin! I’m also all for a homemade scrub and utilizing essential ois from a little at home spa day to exfoliate. We have a fun one up on the blog now, go check it!

Summer travel checklist? This summer I hope to be making some trips down to Mexico for some surf and of course tacos & a margarita! Can’t wait also to be beach camping along the coast of California with the fam, staycations always win! Besides that hoping to plan a trip with friends to somewhere tropical… WE NEED SOME SUN!

Meet Jenna

Your position at Billabong Womens? Womens Merchandising Analyst

Your denim choice? Black Magic Denim Skirt and the matching Always Truckin' Denim Jacket in Sea Wash

How would you describe your office style? Casual, Feminine and Edgy. I like to take risks and try new silhouettes. I always take time in the morning to put together an outfit I feel comfortable and confident in. I believe if you care about the way you dress it will positively influence other aspects of your life.

Where would you wear this look….outside of the office? Happy Hour with my girlfriends, preferably somewhere with a rooftop by the beach.

Dark or light wash denim? Light Wash

What’s the average day look like for a Merchandising Analyst? An average day in my position is always changing, it depends on where we are in the product creation process. One of the main functions of my role is analyzing historical data, and making sure the womens team is properly informed in order to make smart business decisions. It’s so fun to be a part of company with so many talented individuals, new ideas are constantly flowing at Billabong which makes for an exciting work environment.

Where do you find inspiration? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly one place, I am constantly looking at new ways to style and innovate my wardrobe. Some places I am constantly being inspired from is Pinterest, Instagram, Co – workers and random people on the street. I am fascinated by how others put together certain outfits. Everyone interprets pieces differently.

What’s sitting in your Billabong Womens shopping cart right now?

Surf Check One Piece

Sweet Pie Mini Dress – black/white

Summer Babe Crop Tee

Sweet Dawn Tank – Geranium

Soak It Up Crossbody Bag

Any Summer beauty secrets? I’m all about the natural look. I love letting my hair air dry when it’s warm out, it gives you that lived in /beach wave look. My go to hair product is Don’t Blow It by Bumble & Bumble, you just apply it when your hair is wet, and let it air dry! Less maintenance the better! My daily summer skin ritual is Laura Mercier’s Oil Free tinted moisturizer, it has great coverage and is so easy to use! Then I apply a little under eye concealer, add some Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I can’t live without this mascara, it will give you great length and curl your eyelashes at the same time! Lastly, I apply Urban Decay Naked Flushed Bronzer palette, it has a bronzer, highlighter and blush.

Summer travel checklist?

1.Big Blanket Towel

2.One Piece Bikini – can double as a bodysuit!

3.Denim Skirt

4.Oversized Denim Jacket

5.Big Straw Hat

6.Big Travel Bag – I love being able to have everything I need at my fingertips

7.Ray Ban Sunnies

8.Black Slides

Meet Kat

Your position at Billabong Womens? Senior Visual Merchandiser

Your denim choice? The 'Tide Out' might be my new favorite. The fit is similar to the 'Drift Away' short which I love! How would you describe your office style? Relaxed and effortless. Im all in for cute but functional pieces that are easy to throw on. My job is a lot of physical work so I like to dress comfy.

Where would you wear this look….outside of the office. This is an everyday look for me. I'm a pretty simple girl so I get excited when I find a good graphic tee and a pair of denim that fits comfortably. Especially if it's black.

Dark or light wash denim? Dark wash! I would get to much taco bell hot sauce stains on a light pair of denim.

What’s the average day look like for a Senior Visual Merchandiser? Everyday is different for me, which is what I love most about my job. Im always on the road climbing up and down ladders making our retailers look flawless! It's pretty rad being able to meet and talk to various people everyday in stores. And I can't complain about working by the beach every other day.

Where do you find inspiration? Everyone I work with inside and out of Billabong. The team I work with are the most caring, funny and intelligent women I've ever met. And even people Ive met in-stores have impacted my life in some sort of way. I've crossed paths with some amazing human beings in this job and I could't be more thankful for that.

What’s sitting in your Billabong Womens shopping cart right now? The Like Minded Dress and the Tread Lightly Sandal.

Any Summer beauty secrets? I just recently discovered the magic of Rose Oil. It makes your face glow without looking oily and it also doubles as a moisturizer!

Summer travel checklist? Lot's of trips to the beach with my dog and conquering the Hawaii Trail Run in Kauai.

Meet Paige

Your position at Billabong Womens? Reception/ Administrative Assistant

Your denim choice (name of denim)? / why? Tie between Side by Side Denim and Shore Line Denim because, for a shorty like me, I don’t have to cuff them if I don’t feel like it- I am 5’4 and length is perfect!

How would you describe your office style? I have my causal days and my more dress to kill days. But no matter what, my style always gives off a beachy, boho feel- mini booties, tight fit mid rise denim and an off the shoulder oversized crochet sweater is my go to.

Where would you wear this look….outside of the office (you could name a place you’d go to OR the type of day, etc.) From a day stroll at the beach to a beach bonfire at night and everything in between- so comfy and you can dress it up or down with added accessories… for me I always throw a pair of sandals or high top vans in my car just in case of location change!

Dark or light wash denim? Oh man, depends on my mood and color of top I feel like wearing that day. My closet consists of 50/50.

What’s the average day look like for a Receptionist and Administrative Assistant? Since my position is a dual role I am a consistently busy lady. I am greeting, maintaining and delegating our high volume lobby. Stoking out walk ins about our brand and making sure whomever walks out of that door leaves happy. On the other hand, I am also coordinating meetings and assisting in booking travel for the company. They call me (and my team) the office gurus as we are majority the know all’s to all office questions.

Where do you find inspiration? Rebekah Steen- Social media blogger of Goldfish Kiss. She is my inspiration for lifestyle, travel, style and positive vibes.

What’s sitting in your Billabong Womens shopping cart right now? Currently~ See Ya Soon Sweater, Sweet Pie Mini Dress, Round About Straw Tote, Over N’ Out Overalls, Soak It Up Straw Crossbody, Wander Free Straw Hat and Drift Away Denim Short

Any Summer beauty secrets? For a blondie like me Summer means the chance to gain those natural highlights! The way I keep up with this is my DIY mixture that consists of coconut oil ( I use Shea moisture extra virgin coconut oil), lemon juice, sea salt and warm water all mixed in a mini spray bottle. After using this during a day at the beach or pool your hair will be glowing with a sun kissed look.

Summer travel checklist? I am highly obsessed with Palm Springs so plenty of weekend trips to desert pool parties with pool floats is a must while I have been dying to make a trip to Lake Havasu for the first time so that is bolded and underlined on my list as well!