• DIY: Pink Mist Napkins

DIY: Pink Mist Napkins

Move over Millennial Pink – Our sunset slip dress and always truckin’ jacket in what we like to call PINK MIST.

So, to add to that misty mindset, we’ve whipped up a little DIY that’s super easy and will give your next tablescape that extra fun pink touch.


1. spray bottles

2. watercolor paint or gouache

3. a cloth napkin

Fill your two spray bottles up with water.

Add a touch of watercolor to each of the bottles and shake it up until it’s mixed thoroughly with the water.

Lay the napkin flat and begin to spritz the white napkin with your new watercolor mix. Feel free to spray more in specific areas to allow for more variation and blending between colors.

Find a sunny spot to let your napkin dry.