• Monday Mood: BOLD

Monday Mood: BOLD

Monday Mood: B O L D

Monday Mood is a space to wash away the Monday blues with a dose of positivity. This shift of the classic mindset we believe is just as affective as the suns rays as they shine onto the shore. It awakens the coastline, it allows for the sand to shimmer, and draws people to itself. May your Monday shine a bit brighter than the rest bringing warmth to those around you. Know that this is easier said than done and we are in it together. From rushing to our 9-5 or to that 8am midterm that seems to find its way scheduled after those extra fun weekends. So raise your mugs and cheers to Monday, cause it showed at our doorstep whether we like it or not so we might as well pour it a cup of Joe and host it well.

This weeks Monday mood is B O L D. Bold by definition in regards to color or design means ‘having strong or vivid appearance’. This is the ‘bold’ most of us know. It’s in the headers of our paper or in the email for the parts we really want to get across. But the definition of boldness in relation to a person, well this is where we find something quite beautiful and inspiring, something that must be added to our Monday.

Bold: (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

To be bold is too push yourself and not settle. To take the risks that you always dream of and say ‘Hey, I know I can do this and better yet, I will do this.’ So much of Monday is just taking the route of getting by. It is about being exhausted and just pushing through. But a Monday accompanied by a bold mentality is a Monday that will allow for moves to be made and confidence to be built. Boldness also puts one in a position of doing what those around them may not do. In your school and work place this Monday let the embers that are dimly burning with passion, creativity, and strength begin to ignite. Don’t let yourself be fed the lie of having to W A I T for the perfect time and place. Make your dream happen on this Monday. Because now is the time you are actually waking up for. This is the Monday that your feet are firmly planted on the earth in, causing pressure to sink into the soil. So know that you are present, radiant, confident and courageous and be B O L D. Don’t let boldness make you think you are too much, but just the opposite that you are always capable of that next risk.

Many of those in our B I L L A B O N G W O M E N S family are here because they are B O L D. Our team riders have taken risks, barrels, fought against tides, fought for what they believe in, took the time to be bold in there love for the earth and people and have made a difference. They have been bold in the way they charge in the water, they shoot for titles, but they don’t wait for the standing ovation, and they live in that boldness no matter what the response knowing that they are confident and full of courage.

It's these girls that inspire this MONDAY MOOD. The mood to be bold, to not just slip into the work place and out or to have the headphones in walking around campus but to but the smile on your face and make a difference.

We were inspired by this quote today, and it perfectly works in honor of #worldkindessday

The quote was ‘KIND WORDS COST NOTHING’. We would love to add to that and say 'KIND WORDS COST NOTHING AND IT BEGINS WITH BEING BOLD.'

In order to be kind you must first not care about your own self, and be bold in the way you will be kind to one another. So as we said in the beginning, Monday showed up on your doorstep today ready to see your world and what you’re making of it. So hand Monday a cup of your best brew and tell it to take a seat, because there are so many dreams that it can’t wait to hear about, and so much of your life that is truly and beautifully B O L D.

Scroll through some seaside views and be inspired to live with a B O L D spirit this Monday and always.