• Sit Here Not There in Yelapa, Mexico

Sit Here Not There in Yelapa, Mexico

There’s certainly no shortage of chairs in Yelapa Mexico. Like a constant ever-present reminder that you’re on vacation, so slow down, sit back, and chill.

Needless to say, that’s what we did, while of course snapping pictures of every chair along the way. It certainly seemed like the best option given the chances we could pack them for our journey home and artfully display as treasures from our trip were slightly less than practical since we took a boat into Yelapa to begin with. So, while we rounded literally ever corner between the hotel and town and found a new seat, we awed at its beauty, and then we sat and absorbed all the sunshine and good time vibes Yelapa had to offer. Here’s our ode to the chairs of Yelapa.

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