• When in Cali with Felicity Palmateer

When in Cali with Felicity Palmateer


San Clemente, CA - It's an overcast, gloomy Wednesday morning and Flick has a 10AM call time for hair and make-up. She sips a cup of joe from Bear Coast Coffee to fuel her body for the fun day ahead of her. Flick's adventurous day begins in San Onofre State Beach, where the ocean is only accessible by walking on dirt trails down a large cliff. Despite the never-ending-walk, the view of the Southern California coast from the cliffs is surely worth it! The shoot starts to heat up real quick when the sun peaks through and lingering clouds start to burn off. The Bronze Beauty herself enjoys relaxing on the beach when the waves are flat or has some time to spare. As her radiant personality comes out in her natural habitat, she's seen sipping on a fresh coconut, laughing, and living the California Dream. Of course, no beach day is complete without being able to catch some waves, so a sunset surf session is in order. Flick hops in the car and heads to Lower Trestles, where she soaks up the last few hours of sunshine riding some fun waves. Her long summer day officially comes to an end as she dances into the horizon!